Free image editor. Need a free feature-rich photo editor?


You can crop, rotate or resize images with just a few clicks. With easy-to-use image filters, you can create beautiful effects for your photos.


Paleon comes with ready-to-use frames that you can easily add to your photos. A new framework is coming soon.


Add and customize text to the canvas with rich text settings (Google Fonts support). 


You can add any number of images to the canvas. Paleon is fully integrated with media library. 


You can use shapes for any part of your design. Shapes are fully customizable. Use your imagination.


Learn about our rapidly growing library of elements. Elements are handpicked SVG files that can be used in any kind of design.


Paleon comes with hundreds of ready-made modern icons suitable for any purpose.


Free brushes let you paint as you like. The limit is your imagination.


You can easily lock/unlock, show/hide, clone or delete any layer in the panel. You can also drag and drop layers to change their order.

Need a feature-rich photo and image editor....

Palleon. Free photo editor

Getting Started

Fotoritocco online gratis pannello di controllo

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To open a new image on the photo editor, click New button. A modal box will appear.
Click this upload image button to select an image from your computer.

Click select from media library button to select an image from WordPress media library.

If you have a template (.json file) which you’ve created with Palleon before, use upload template button to open it on the photo editor.

Template Library

foto gratis online o usa i template della raccolta per creare le tue foto, da usare dove vuoi.

Free image editor, template library tab: You can find our template collection on this tab. Just click on the template to add it to the canvas. Click the star icon on any template, to add it to your favorites.

My templates: You can find the templates which you’ve saved using “save or download” button here. 

Free image editor...

Blank Canvas

Click “Blank Canvas” tab. Set the dimention, select a background color and click create button.

Panning and Zoominm

To zoom in/out use the plus/minus icons which is at the bottom right corner of the screen. Please keep in mind that maximum supported zoom in/out levels may change on different browsers and systems.

To pan the image, click “hand” icon and drag&drop the image as you want. When you are done, don’t forget to click “hand” icon again to make the layers selectable again.

Fotoritocco online gratis zoom


All objects you’ve added to the canvas, will displayed on this panel. You can drag&drop to change the order of the layers.

To view the layer settings click gear icon;

Lock/Unlock: A locked object can not moved or selected on click.

Dublicate: Click this icon to clone the object.

Show/Hide: You can use this button to toggle visibility.

Delete: Click this icon to delete the layer.

For bulk deleting, you can use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the panel.


There are 2 section on this panel;

1) You can crop, resize or rotate your images easily from this section.

2) This section contains all image manipulation settings. You can use ready to use image filters from Quick Filters tab or you can combine other filter settings such as gamma, contrast,saturation etc. to create an unique filter on your image.

Photo Frames

You can find beautiful photo frames for your images on our frames gallery. Just click on a frame to add it to the canvas.


Palleon allows you to add as many text as you want to the canvas. You can customize the text as you wish using the rich set of customization settings such as color, font size, font family etc.


You can add as many image as you want to the canvas. You can upload the image from your computer or select one of the images on the WordPress media library. When you add the image, the customization settings will appear.


Shapes are useful elements that may help you to create contrast background for your texts or to create decorative patterns. The customization settings will appear when you add or select a shape.


Element library comes with carefully selected single color SVG graphics which are integrated with Palleon. You can use elements to create attractive banners, social media posts, video thumbnails etc.


You can use all brushes except eraser, to paint the canvas freely. You can use eraser brush to delete the selected portions of the background image.


Palleon comes with hundreds of multipurpose icons ready to use. You can also upload your custom SVG files to the canvas. Please keep in mind that SVG files are made by different designers using different softwares. So, some custom SVG files may not displayed properly on the canvas.