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English Grammar Quizzes 6

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Remove extra comma

Improve your understanding of how to use commas correctly ; ✍️ Write more clearly and effectively. INSTRUCTIONS: Remove extra comma. Westminster Abbey [ , ] ✖️ is located in London, England.
I had a friend get married at the Botanical Gardens
in Birmingham
and it was absolutely beautiful! Would you like to go there this weekend
Looking up at the roller coaster
she stopped
in her tracks
and said
'That's too scary
so I think I'll ride the bumper cars instead!'
On Sunday
25 June in 1950
a U.S. football team of mostly amateurs defeated its more experienced
British opponents in the World Cup
in Brazil.
this is quite a distinctive
and striking family heirloom. However
I'm sorry to inform you
that it's not worth millions of dollars.
Dove sei tu a scrivere la parte mancante, la parte stessa è Case Insensitive. Ovvero; non iniziare con la maiuscola se non richiesto dalla grammatica. Il testo contenuto dentro ( ) è per darti un aiuto.