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Facile completa le frasi con i termini corretti per la grammatica Inglese.

English Grammar Quizzes 2

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La frase corretta 2

Hai varie frasi in Inglese, alcune con più termini da poter selezionare. Altre devi essere tu a scrivere la parte mancante.
Oscar usually
to work. (walk, you)
to work everyday, too? Yes
Look. It's Youssef. Where? Over there. He out of the bakery.
some help, Mrs. Brown? me to carry that box for you? Yes, thank you. That's very kind of you.
Who is that man? I
that I
him, but I
his name. ! That's Mr. Martinez. That's right! I
him now.
in flying saucers? What about? You know, spaceships from outer space with alien creatures aboard. In my opinion, flying saucers
only in people's imaginations.
Right now the children at the beach. They
a good time. They a beach ball, and they
catch with it.
football every Saturday afternoon
Don’t make too much noise. John
to take a nap.
Dove sei tu a scrivere la parte mancante, la parte stessa è Case Insensitive. Ovvero; non iniziare con la maiuscola se non richiesto dalla grammatica. Il testo contenuto dentro ( ) è per darti un aiuto.