English Grammar test. 15 domande per te

Mettiti alla prova con il nostro English grammar test, un facile test dove hai a disposizione 15 domande con la parte da completare.

Per le prime 10, scrivi la parte mancante, con la giusta grammatica. Per le altre 5, seleziona la parola esatta che andrebbe. Alla fine del test potrai verificare a quante domande hai dato la risposta esatta e a quante quella sbagliata.

How well do you understand English?

It is very important to have a good knowledge of grammar

English Grammar test

Take our free English grammar level test and find your English level
She was let by the Principal with light punishment
It is folly on your part to look upon the poor students.
You should make an effort to make a quarrel with your friend.
I can't hear you. Can you speak please?
I usually get around nine o'clock every morning.
The alarm went at 6, but I didn't hear it.
We all to him.
He works in the gym every morning.
Please take your shoes in the house
She grew in London.

English Grammar test 2

Thirty questions are coming your way to test your English grammar level.
I already had plans, so I turned
the party invitation.
The teacher will point
the grammar error.
Please help me
. I need some assistance.
I give
. This is too difficult.
Be careful while driving. Look
for other cars.

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